If you’re working hard to make the world better, welcome — you’ve come to the right place.

You might be building a business that helps people live more authentically, or changes the way people move through their lives. Whatever it is, your mission is to help people, and you want to make sure that you get the words right.

I’m here to help.

Hey! I’m Ludmila — but you can call me Ludi.

I’m a plant mom, tea-enthusiast, and aspiring polyglot from the Left Coast™ — and words have always been my thing

Photo:  From A Bolivian ; Illustration: Me

Photo: From A Bolivian; Illustration: Me


I’ve worked as a journalist, copywriter, and editor for several companies, including Refinery29, and my writing is published in Wired, The New York Times' Women in the World, Complex, Broadly, Allure, Refinery29, and more.

I have a long track record of helping people who do good. In fact, lending my skills to brands and businesses that care has always been the foundation of my work. To me, there’s nothing better than a client who feels more empowered after working with me — and then goes on to pay that feeling forward.

I work with people who care deeply about the product or service they offer and who truly believe it will have a positive impact on the world.

As your creative partner, my job is to take these passions — you know, those big dreams that made you want to start in the first place — and distill them down to their essence. And, with so many brands and businesses out there today, identifying your unique and authentic voice is the key to making your mission a reality.  

If you’re looking to launch a new brand or venture that’s honest and relatable, or need to revamp your current brand voice (and want to co-create with someone who, you know, gets it) then look no further.


But, hey — don’t just take my word for it!

Here’s what some of my past clients have to say about me:


“Ludi is a gifted copywriter who is able to make difficult-to-understand concepts simple. I’d recommend her for any writing job, every single time.”

Kate Braner, Content Marketing Manager, Coverwallet

“Hiring Ludi was the best business decision I ever made. She is smart, responsive, conscientious, and takes initiative. You should absolutely hire her!”

— Cynthia Pong, Founder & CEO, Embrace Change

“Thanks to her expertise, Ludi was able to take my vision and perfectly execute it. Our site now has a thorough, cohesive brand voice. Ludi’s contagious passion for helping the Latinx community has made us thrive.”

— Brittany Chavez, Founder/CEO, ShopLatinx

“Ludi is an exceptional, multi-talented creative and a dream to work with. She has an original and powerful voice and will continue to be someone I turn to for bold, intelligent and gorgeously crafted content.”

— Piper Weiss, Chief Content Officer, Levo League

Some of my past clients include:

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