Hi! I’m Ludmila—you can call me Ludi.

I’m a writer, editor, illustrator + multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. 

I’m the daughter of a Guatemalan immigrant and a Slovak-Canadian refugee. My personal work explores diasporic identity as it intersects with gender, race and sexuality.

Right now, I am focused primarily on visual art, particularly design and illustration, and am always looking for new clients, collaborations, and partnerships. My past design clients include Tumblr, Coachella / Golden Voice, Hyphen Labs, Condé Nast (Allure + them.), Jack Jones Literary Arts, Broadly, Object Limited, Levo League, Planned Parenthood + more.

In the past, I have worked as a writer and editor and my work has been published in WIRED, The New York Times' Women in the World, Literary Hub, Complex, Broadly, Allure + more

I currently work as a staff writer for Refinery29's Work & Money vertical. I am also a Lambda Literary fellow and am currently working on my first novel. 

For more information about my past experience, click here.