Hi! I'm Ludmila—you can call me Ludi.

I'm a writer, editor, illustrator and creative strategist based in Brooklyn. 

I'm the daughter of a Latina immigrant and an Eastern European refugee. My work seeks to uplift and center marginalized narratives and individuals, particularly women of color. 

As a WRITER I explore themes of diasporic identity, sexuality, gender, displacement, and belonging. I am currently most interested in writing essays and investigative features.

As an EDITOR, I work with clients who need help refining their voice, smoothing over syntax, and developing more effective communication strategies.

As an ILLUSTRATOR, I provide promotional graphics, logo design, editorial illustrations, portraits—and anything else you desire—for individuals, businesses, magazines and more.

As a CREATIVE STRATEGIST, I support people and businesses who need help with copywriting, branding, marketing, social media, and vision-creation.